For over 35 years we have been promoting the quality of life and the active lifestyle of our patients. Intense daily routine and the need for immediate mobility and flexibility require the attention and modernization of the medical community, ensuring higher quality treatments for rapid recovery.

Our successful operation is based on following two important parameters: the precise medical diagnosis and the suitable treatment based on the special needs of the patient.

At the Movemed Centre, the medical diagnosis is made from the very first visit, while the complete treatment and rehabilitation, is undertaken by the properly trained and experienced specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Physical Therapists and Physical Education Specialist.


The Uniqueness of the Center

The Movemed Centre provides comprehensive treatment programs to the patient: from prevention to treatment and education to maintain health by avoiding relapses.

This is accomplished with the participation of our Physiatrist, a physician who specializes in physical and rehabilitation medicine, who is able to make a differential diagnosis from the first visit, provide medication or other treatment and personally supervise the progress of the treatment performed by the Physical Therapists or the Physical Education Specialist.

However, the core of successful treatment is the coexistence of specialized departments and the exchange of information about each case.


The Differences

The Physiatrist (specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine) is a specialist physician approved by the Cyprus Medical Council, who offers diagnosis, prognosis and a treatment program with medication (oral or injectable) and prescribes physical therapy where needed.

The Physical Therapist (treats in a natural way) is trained to evaluate the patient and offer the appropriate treatment in musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, according to a doctor's diagnosis.


The importance of the Physiatrist in the field

The Physiatrist, through clinical examination, diagnostic ultrasounds and electromyography, gives you an immediate diagnosis of your problem, without the need to consult another doctor to refer you for treatment. The Physiatrist has the scientific knowledge to recognise the special requirements of your condition and to provide customized treatment.

At the Movemed Centre you have an additional benefit! The in-house Physiatrist regulates and supervises the treatment performed by the Physical Therapists, the exercise program by the Physical Education Specialist and the medication - where necessary – geared towards reaching your goals in the shortest possible time.


Our people are fully qualified in terms of diseases and musculoskeletal disorders.


The use of technology and modern methods accelerates and strengthens the patient's recovery.


Having equipped our center with modern equipment and machinery, we provide comprehensive treatment services.


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