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The Movemed Center

The Movemed Centre holds an important place in the medical history of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Limassol and Cyprus in general. A pioneer for his time, Dr. Nicolas Christodoulou, opened the centre in 1986 after 12 years of study in Medicine, specializing and training in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine as well as in Sports Medicine.

He was the first doctor with this specialty to come to Cyprus and was the only doctor with this specialty on the island for a period of seven years. He was often giving lectures in Limassol to parents' associations on scoliosis or to various associations for spinal problems, while creating awareness about his new specialty. Cooperation was developed with Gymnastic Club Olympia (GSO) for the examination and treatment of track athletes in Limassol, as well as with the sports clubs Apollon, AEL, Aris and Anorthosis to address the problems of football players, basketball players and volleyball players. Performing electromyography has helped develop collaboration with physicians of other specialties from both Limassol and other cities, who referred their patients for electromyography.

The use of electronic pedography since 2003, and the collaboration with a specialized centre abroad for the manufacture of high-standard footwear, has contributed to the development of collaboration with various pediatricians, orthopedists and general practitioners in Limassol.

Since its inception, the Centre has provided medical services by its founder as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy services, employing three Physical Therapists and collaborating with other health professionals. From 2009, when the Physical Education Specialist Constantinos Christodoulou joined the team, the Center began to provide rehabilitation training services as well as performance maximization training.

In 2016, after the inclusion of Dr. Katerina Christodoulou Matsouka in the team, a thorough renovation of the Centre was completed, followed by the purchase of new and specialized machinery, as well as the start of cooperation with doctors of various specialties for diagnostic ultrasounds of the musculoskeletal system.

The Center is the result of many years of research, experience and investment in both medical knowledge and specialized personnel. Focusing on the patient, our team is ready to offer solutions and treatments to relieve pain and improve the functionality and harmony of the body movements.



The valuable academic knowledge of our team, serving in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine as well as Sports Medicine has been fundamental in the success of our Centre.


35 years of experience and active participation in the modernization of the field, ensure the treatment and rehabilitation of our patients.



We approach our patients with transparency, honesty and ethical behavior.


We serve with empathy and we are passionate about pain relief and effective treatment of musculoskeletal and other problems.


We work together setting the goals of each treatment as personal goals for each of us as well.


It is our duty to ensure fast and efficient treatment based on the specific needs of each patient.


  • 1Two offices and examination rooms with all required equipment for clinical medical diagnosis and care by Physiatrists
  • 2Devices for neurophysiological diagnostic testing (e.g. Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Velocities)
  • 3Electronic foot scanner (Pedograph)
  • 4Musculoskeletal ultrasounds diagnostic device
  • 5Ozone therapy device
  • 6Shockwave Therapy Device (ESWT)
  • 7Electrotherapy devices
  • 8Surface and deep thermotherapy devices
  • 9Therapeutic ultrasounds devices
  • 10Devices for the “pain clinic" (acute, chronic and neuropathic pain)
  • 11Physiotherapy supplies for acute and chronic problems of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory system
  • 12Physiotherapy equipment for the use of special techniques of movement retraining, gait retraining and proprioception retraining
  • 13Exercise area equipped to support rehabilitation exercise programs
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